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29 May 2023

Agreement on DAC8 compromise text

New reporting framework on the crypto-asset sector will help tax authorities to track the trade of crypto-assets and exchange of information about proceeds gained.

Zuzana Blažejová

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27 June 2022

EU Directive DAC7 in Slovak legislation

We provide you an overview of the new reporting obligations for digital platform operators arising from the EU Directive DAC7. The information should help tax authorities to ensure fair taxation of income in digital area.

Zuzana Blažejová

World news
26 May 2022

Update on the progress of the global minimum tax

A new international tax agreement on minimum taxation for multinational groups has been delayed until 2024. Implementation deadline which was originally intended in 2023 was slowed down by the discussion on ironing out technical details. France, as…

Marianna Dávidová,

Soňa Vojteková