9 December 2020

Mobility control (not only) after the corona crisis

The COVID-19 pandemics significantly affected the place of work of many employees. Home office has become a „new normal“ in many companies but it also brings several risks and the respective legislation and its interpretation is being constantly…

Ivana Soboličová

21 September 2020

Deadline for filing the tax returns was announced

The Government approved the amendment to the Act on certain extraordinary measures in the financial area in connection with the spreading of a hazardous infectious human illness COVID-19 (Lex Corona). The Aim of the Amendment is to finish the…

Marianna Dávidová

1 April 2020

10 current questions about the impact of VAT on business cash flow

In view of the current situation and the spread of COVID-19, businesses are now more than in the past concerned about the impacts of VAT on business cash flow, focusing mainly on the proposed measures related to the possibility to defer tax payment…

Elvíra Ungerová