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One sentence summary | November 2023

Last month’s tax and legal news in brief.

  • In the statement of government policy, the Slovak Government has presented its tax-related priorities and plans. According to the published document, the plan is to introduce a bank tax, to increase the property tax, to increase excise duties on alcohol and tobacco, to introduce a tax on sweetened beverages, or to introduce special financial instruments that will reflect the extraordinary profits of sectors, corporations, legal entities or individuals. It is also intend to increase tax progressivity for individuals. The Government's Policy Statement for 2023-2027 can be found at this link.


  • Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic presented a proposal to introduce new consumption tax on sweetened non-alcoholic beverages aimed to motivate the consumers to healthier lifestyle. The taxation will be based on sugar content in the beverage while the tax rate has not been presented yet. The discussion to the legislation is planned to take place in 2024.

  • The Slovak Government has approved a new draft Consumer Protection Act and submitted to the Parliament meeting. The current wording is not fundamentally different from the former government's original proposal, which was vetoed by the President. Due to the length of the legislative process, it is expected to take effect from 1 March 2024. For more detailed information on the new legislation, see our previous Article.

  • The Slovak Financial Directorate has issued guidance on the calculation of the tax bonus for a dependent child when taking into account the partial tax base of the other parent. More information on the application of the tax bonus when filing a tax return for the 2023 tax period will be provided in the next issue.

  • The Social Insurance Agency has launched a new service for employers called "B2B ePN", which will allow to track employees' electronic sick leave directly via payroll software. Further information necessary for the activation process as well as an application form can be found here.

  • The Slovak government has approved a draft law on housing loan repayment assistance, which will be discussed during the December meeting of the Parliament in the shortened legislative procedure. We will continue to track developments on these changes and provide updates. 

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