29 September 2021

Update of the rules for the payment of First Aid from September 2021

On 10 August 2021, the Government of the Slovak Republic approved the proposal to change the conditions and confirmation of the extension of the implementation period of the First Aid project aimed to support and maintain jobs during the time of the declared State of Emergency and the elimination of their consequences.

Milina Schifferdeckerová

Due to the threat of the third wave of the pandemic, the Government confirmed the continuance of financial aid to employers and self-employers to support job maintaining until the end of 2021, i.e. until the Act on support in the time of shortened work (Kurzarbeit) comes into effect.

The most significant change compared to the approved rules of the First Aid project effective from 1 July 2021 is the cancellation of fixation of the aid on the Covid automat.

With effect from 1 September, the aid will be implemented under the conditions approved by the Government in March and April 2020, i.e. the rules of the former First Aid project. This means that employers are entitled for the reimbursement of wage costs for employee in the amount of 80% of gross wage in the case of obstacles on the side of the employer.

However, it will not be possible to claim a contribution under measure 3B (a contribution paid in the amount depending on the decrease in turnovers). Due to the deterioration of the pandemical situation and interest in contributions from the measure 3B, the Ministry of Labor has already announced a possible reassessment of the approach and the reintroduction of the possibility to claim also the contribution under measure 3B.

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