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Tax Authorities inform about the cancellation of duplicate user accounts

The Slovak Financial Administration Portal ("FAP“) checks taxpayers' ID accounts for electronic communication. They will draw attention to the long-term unused login credentials in advance and help taxpayers to avoid potential complications in meeting their tax obligations. The goal of Financial Administration is to effectively remove approximately 15,000 user accounts that are created in duplicate.

The Financial Administration has issued a press release on the simplification and clarification the access to its portal. Removal of the duplicate accounts is related to user access that have not been used since 1 January 2020. The notification will be sent automatically via softwarning, no further action from taxpayers is required in this respect.

There are two ways to cancel the account:

  • according to the last login,
  • the account with the lowest value of the login name number.

The users will receive information which of the accounts will be retained and that will continue to be used for electronic communication with financial administration. At the same time, taxpayers have nothing to worry about - removal of these accounts will not affect their Power of Attorney or other authorizations to entities, or the filing and signing of documents.

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