22 October 2019

Residency and employment conditions of British citizens in Slovakia in case of a no-deal Brexit

After Brexit, British citizens will be with regard to their stay in Slovakia considered as third country nationals. Those British citizens who will not apply for registration of the right of residence of EU citizen before a no-deal Brexit, will have to apply for a temporary residence as third country nationals or will have to leave Slovakia within 90 days.

Marian Dzuroška
Mária Hrdličková

The residence of British citizens having their right of residence of EU citizen in Slovakia registered by the date of a no-deal Brexit, will be changed as follows:

  • Long-term residence – in case of residence registered for more than 5 years before a no-deal Brexit; or
  • Permanent residence for 5 years – in case of residence registered for the period up to 5 years before a no-deal Brexit.


This change will be made automatically, without need to apply with the Foreign Police Department.

Residence cards obtained by British citizens until a no-deal Brexit will remain valid until 31 December 2020. No later than by this date, British citizens (staying in Slovakia after a no-deal Brexit) will need to apply for a new residence card at the respective Foreign Police Department.

British citizens who will after a no-deal Brexit acquire a long-term residence or a permanent residence in Slovakia for 5 years, will preserve the same legal status as citizens of the Slovak Republic in legal relations arising under the Act 5/2004 Coll. on employment services.


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