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15 December 2021

Proposal for measures called "Kilečko 2"

of the disease COVID-19 (effective from 21 July 2020). Individual measures In the following section we bring you an overview of the most interesting measures from "Kilečko 2": Changes in bookkeeping The obligation of accounting units that meet…

Milina Schifferdeckerová
Lenka Miklóssyová
21 January 2021

Subsidies for rental fee

wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business entities in the SR. Changes According to the Amendment, it is possible to provide a subsidy for rental fee originating from a rental agreement, on the basis of which the right to use the rented…

Milina Schifferdeckerová
Andrea Šikulová
20 January 2021

Temporary Protection of Entrepreneurs in Financial Difficulties

Contagious Human Disease COVID-19 and in the Judiciary amending certain laws. The aim of temporary protection according to Section 1 of the Act no. 421/2020 Coll. is the creation of a time-limited framework for protection against creditors and…

Milina Schifferdeckerová
9 December 2020

Mobility control (not only) after the corona crisis

The COVID-19 pandemics significantly affected the place of work of many employees. Home office has become a „new normal“ in many companies but it also brings several risks and the respective legislation and its interpretation is being constantly…

Ivana Soboličová
21 September 2020

Deadline for filing the tax returns was announced

infectious human illness COVID-19 (Lex Corona). The Aim of the Amendment is to finish the pandemic period that is decisive for specific financial measures. The Amendment is yet to be approved by the Parliament. The Slovak Government approved on…

Marianna Dávidová