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Slovak Financial Administration has introduced a new electronic tool

On 15 April 2021 the Slovak Financial Administration made available on its website an online free tool for improving the tax discipline. The service so-called „saldokonto“ enables taxpayers to enter into the system and obtain the current status of fulfillment of their tax obligations.

The new measure is expected to contribute to the use of financial administration’s electronic services. All taxpayers will be able to well-versed and check on such things as the status of the account or their liabilities (e.g. arrears, overpayments or prepayments, etc.). At the same time, the published data will draw attention to the tax due date within the statutory deadline, including payment instructions, which will help to collect taxes more efficiently.

„Saldokonto“ presents in a well arranged way the personal account of the taxpayer with a thorough quantification of items for all types of taxes. The aim is to provide taxpayers with comprehensive access to useful information in the following structure:

  • personal account statement - will keep you informed about the status of unpaid and paid taxes due, arrears, overpayments or prepayments. The detailed data are also presented for the relevant type of tax (total amount, tax levied, settled amount and the outstanding amounts before and after the due date).
  • tax payments – will provide more detailed information on the payment of the respective taxes, the method of payment and fees, the account numbers in the State Treasury, variable and specific symbols.

The data would be reflected in the new system gradually according to the processed tax returns with the announced deadline by the end of May. Moreover, the financial administration will show:

  • payment history for one-year period,
  • the history of payments made after the due date for a period of one year after the date of the last payment,
  • an overview of the history of prepayments for the last two years.

Taxpayers that communicate with the Tax Authorities electronically have access to the saldokonto’s data. Individual information is also available to the statutory representative or authorized representative based on the granted general Power of Attorney.

As part of the digitization of the financial administration, next steps and improvements are planned, which should be implemented by the end of 2021.

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