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New duties to data registration into the Commercial Register

Individuals and legal entities must extend the range of data provided in the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic. This is the result of the Amendment to the Act on Commercial Register summary of which we have prepared.

Pursuant to amendment to Act No. 530/2003 Coll. on the Commercial Register effective from
1 October 2020, the companies must provide for registration of additional information in the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic (Commercial Register) with regards to its:

a) statutory body/ member of statutory body,

b) holder of procuration,

c) shareholder,

d) sole stockholder,

e) member of supervisory board,

f) head of branch of enterprise,

g) head of enterprise of foreign legal entity,

h) liquidator,

k) administrator for the execution of compulsory administration.

With respect to the individuals, their birth numbers or for foreign citizens other identification information must be registered with the Commercial Register. Business registration number of the legal entities (if assigned) must be also registered with the Commercial Register.

This identification information will not be publicly available.

The statutory representatives must fulfil the obligation to register identification information with the Commercial Register not later than on 30 September 2022, otherwise they may face a penalty up to EUR 3,310.

In addition, until the identification information is registered with the Company Register, no other registered data can be changed.

The proposal for the entry of identification information into the Commercial Register can be submitted only electronically. At present, the proposal is subject to a court fee of EUR 33, but this fee should be abolished.

We will be pleased to help you with the entering of identification information into the Commercial Register. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.


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