22 June 2018

Parliament approves the insurance tax act

On 20 June 2018 the Slovak Parliament has approved the Governmental proposal of the insurance tax act introducing tax in the amount of 8% from non-life insurance lines of business in case that the insured risk is located in the territory of…

Marianna Dávidová

26 April 2018

Virtual currencies taxation rules are getting basic contours

Trading with virtual currencies is becoming an increasingly discussed topic. As the current version of tax and accounting legislation does not provide for necessary guidance, at the end of March the Ministry of Finance issued a Methodological…

Ivana Soboličová

19 December 2017

The Parliament approved an Amendment to the Income Tax Act

On 7 December 2017 Parliament approved an Amendment to the Income Tax Act. The second reading has brought several significant changes, such as the exemption of income from the sale of shares and business shares.

Branislav Ďurajka,

Marianna Dávidová